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Our Academics

As a STNA, your job is to assist other healthcare professionals with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, feeding, grooming, and hygiene care for patients. This career is an excellent choice for persons committed to helping others by providing passionate and quality care. STNAs commonly work in healthcare areas such as long term and short term care facility. Becoming a state tested nurse assistant is the first step to building a long term and fulfilling career in healthcare!

In this program, you will have both an in-class and clinical experience. Some of the concepts you will learn in class include:

Medical Terminology 

Personal Care

Communication Skills for Healthcare

Mobility Assistance

In clinical, you will have the opportunity to practice concepts learned in a hands on environment.


Upon completion of our program, you will eligible to sit for the state test to become a STNA!!!

*Please note: Scheduling and sitting for the state test is solely up to each individual student upon completion of our program. As your instructors, we will assist you with how to get the process started, study tips, and test taking strategies upon request!



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